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corneliasunborn asked: Great drawings ! APH Swizerland in 12 ?


And despite the fact that the meme is like 10 years old, I still wanted to draw some Mercenary Chic. So here we go


The night shift sucks.

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Anonymous asked: are u ok? you havent posted in a while...

Aw man, yeah, no worries, I’m fine, sorry! 

I’ve been trapped in exam-prep hell since May, and in proper exam-hell since August, which means some priorities had to be taken. I guess I kind of forget that there’s actually people following this blog and not just my main one, woops.

Didn’t mean to worry you! And, perfect timing, come next week, I will have my last exam, and then be freeeeeee! So wish me luck on that last battle, the epic boss battle that is classic japanese, which I do not want to do at all, but what can you do (nothing, but boldy go forward because that’s just how things are. Also: whining a lot about it on twitter)

Anyway, thanks for the concern, I’ll be back in a bit. Until then, take care!

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Atelier Aurey

Hahaaa I am the best at puns look at me:
I love the dyeing mechanics in Minecraft, and the Rainbow Factory is the cutest idea ever. Crushing up lapis, cooking up cactus, extracting pigments of roses, Aurey does it all.

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I made a music mix for these two losers, because that’s what you do when you have feelings for OCs, right? 

Then I took the cover and tweaked it to tumblr’s likings and now here we are. 

[On 8tracks/ On Youtube]

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I finally made myself a Minecraft skin that I like enough to call it definitive. It’s very purple, but hey, I like purple, what a coincidence.

So I decided to quickly and quite self-indulgently whip up a doodle featuring it. 

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it has happened…

My Switzerland-art has been reblogged as Armin-art.

I feel like I just graduated Tumblr-school =D

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For anyone who happens to care…. Happy 1st of August! ♥

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Anonymous asked: Lmao :) Could Millbee's Field of Happiness be any more awesome?! :D

Let’s face it, what makes Milbee’s Field of Happiness awesome, is actually Millbee himself.

So no, not possible!


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And now, for Favorite UHC Moments, edition 17.

Click on the pics to make them bigger and all that jazz ♥

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So you spend 10 years getting trained to kill one person, and then when you meet them, you go through some stuff and suddenly you really want to kiss them instead and this is very very distressing somehow.
But also kind of nice.

An autobiography by Tall Prince

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Anonymous asked: Anthro-Edelweiss 18 oooooor Pause 1? Is that a thing?


Another UHC, another Etho slain.

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So what if I came up with a short story about murdering princes.
So what if I really really wanted to tell it.
What if.

*whispers* I’ll do it

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Anonymous asked: Just dropping it here because: piano

well that was pretty cool.

… though I’m a bit sad that you can’t seem to find the “real” performance anywhere. Also, I have no idea why you’d send this to me in particular.

but thanks, I enjoyed it!


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Anonymous asked: Vintagebeef #12, if you are still taking these?


You gave me an excuse to draw a beard. How could I resist